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Retail Management A Strategic Approach (12th Edition)

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ISBN: 9780273768562Edition: 12thAuthors: Barry Berman, Joel R. Evans
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For undergraduate and graduate retail management courses The text that helps students thrive in today’s retailing industry. Without a predefined and well-integrated strategy, a retail firm may flounder as it’s attempting to cope with the changing environment that surrounds it. Berman/Evans’ reader-friendly text, Retail Management: A Strategic Approach, provides a strategic, decision-making approach that illustrates how retailers plan for, and adapt to, today’s changing and complex retail environment.

Key Features
Author(s) Barry Berman, Joel R. Evans
Publisher Pearson Education Limited
Date of Publication 01/10/2012
Language English
Format Paperback
ISBN-10 0273768565
ISBN-13 9780273768562
Subject Business, Accounting & Vocational: Textbooks & Study Guides
Publication Data
Place of Publication Harlow
Country of Publication United Kingdom
Imprint Pearson Education Limited
Weight 1274 g
Width 216 mm
Height 268 mm
Spine 24 mm
Editorial Details
Edition Statement International ed of 12th revised ed
Table Of Contents Part One: An Overview of Strategic Retail Management Chapter 1: An Introduction to Retailing Chapter 2: Building and Sustaining Relationships in Retailing Chapter 3: Strategic Planning in Retailing Part Two: Situation Analysis Chapter 4: Retail Institutions by Ownership Chapter 5: Retail Institutions by Store-Based Strategy Chapter 6: Web, Nonstore-Based, and Other Forms of Nontraditional Retailing Part Three: Targeting Customers and Gathering Information Chapter 7: Identifying and Understanding Consumers Chapter 8: Information Gathering and Processing in Retailing Part Four: Choosing a Store Location Chapter 9: Trading-Area Analysis Chapter 10: Site Selection Part Five: Managing a Retail Business Chapter 11: Retail Organization and Human Resource Management Chapter 12: Operations Management: Financial Dimensions Chapter 13: Operations Management: Operational Dimensions Part Six: Merchandise Management and Pricing Chapter 14: Developing Merchandise Plans Chapter 15: Implementing Merchandise Chapter 16: Financial Merchandise Management Chapter 17: Pricing in Retailing Part Seven: Communicating with the Customer Chapter 18: Establishing and Maintaining a Retail Image Chapter 19: Promotional Strategy Part Eight: Putting It All Together Chapter 20: Integrating and Controlling the Retail Strategy

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